The Dirty World Of Diapers!

The Dirty World Of Diapers!



“We’re going to be parents!” They are the greatest five words any new mom or dad can hear… in the beginning. Then, the research starts and the panic sets in and never leaves. What if you do this wrong? What if you do that wrong? What if you aren’t a natural parent?! All new moms and dads think this way because the idea of looking after a small life is almost impossible. After all, there are so many bases to cover to ensure they are fed, clean and safe.


Diapers are just one area which will rock expecting parents to the core. On the face of it, they seem straightforward. All you have to do is take one off, clean up, and replace it with another. But, as any mother or father will tell you, there is much more to the process.


Therefore to help you out, this post has come up with basic diaper mistakes. The following are the errors new moms and dads make and how to avoid them.


Mistake #1: The Wrong Size


The concept that one size fits all doesn’t work with diapers. A disposable nappy that is too big or small will leak or cause chafing. Either way, there will be a huge mess on your hands. Thankfully, the diaper manufacturers don’t expect the parents to know what size is best for a small baby. Rather, they detail the dimensions on the packaging to help avoid disaster. Still, it is down to the adult to know how big their son or daughter is and what fit is best. An excellent tip is not to assume they are average. Just because they are 0-6 months of age doesn’t mean they aren’t bigger in size. If they are, the 3-6 months range may be a wiser purchase. When you put a diaper on your child, check to see how tight it is and if there is enough room.


Mistake #2: Not Changing Often Enough


Babies need changing three to four times a day, and that’s a conservative number. Typically, the figure is closer to five or six depending on the circumstances of the day. It isn’t rare for new parents to think, “why on earth do we do this so often?” let’s face it – a baby may have peed or pooped once or twice maximum. Still, changing a diaper and putting a clean one on is essential for skin rash purposes. Due to the material, an old diaper can chafe a baby’s backside and legs and cause them discomfort. It’s even worse when they are stewing in their own filth throughout the day. Although it seems like a hassle, changing little and often is better than dealing with a screaming child. To make sure you stay on top of it, get into a routine. For example, switch diapers when you leave the house so you don’t have to do it in public.


Mistake #3: Being Rash With Moisturizer


Removing a dirty diaper and replacing it with a fresh one is only the beginning. To ensure chafing doesn’t happen, moisturizer is vital. Not only does it soothe problem areas, but it also keeps the skin cool and negates future issues regarding rashes. Unfortunately, parents can forget to apply cream or lotion every single time they change a nappy. Yep, doing it five to six times a day can seem like overkill, but it does help to protect the skin. How can you make sure you don’t forget? Do it by putting the lotion into the diaper bag. That way, the tube should catch your eye and act as an instant reminder. Also, don’t use moisturizers that include alcohol or harmful chemicals as baby skin is extremely delicate. Therefore, toxic substances can cause rashes and painful breakouts, which is why organic creams are best.


Mistake #4: The Garden Fountain


Babies love to kick their legs so much that parents tend to leave them on the table naked. Why not? Look at the smile on their tiny face! Then, the inevitable happens and a stream of pee squirts in your direction. Whether it hits your face or lands harmlessly the on the floor, it’s a risk most parents don’t want to take. Plus, it’s unnecessary because babies love kicking their legs just as much while wearing a diaper. So, always clean their butts and put on a nappy for your own protection. The last thing you want is for your clothes to smell like urine! Alternatively, if you can’t bring yourself to do it, have a cloth to hand. That way, you can catch the stream and stop the garden fountain in its tracks. Just make sure it’s waterproof or else your hands will be wet through.



Mistake #5: Leaving The Room


Your son or daughter is on the changing table or mat and kicking their legs furiously. Honestly, if you didn’t know them well enough, you would think they were happy for once! Kids love to be free and roll around, and changing time is a perfect chance to let it happen. Still, a baby needs constant attention regardless. Say they are on a table, it doesn’t take much to roll over and fall off and bang their head. Or, if they are alone on the floor, they may pick up a hazardous material and put it in their mouth. Yes, it seems like an excellent time to check on dinner and multitask, but it isn’t worth the gamble. Always pick the baby up and take them with you when you go into another room just to be safe. Or, get a responsible grown-up to take over monitoring duties while you deal with another task. Even better, ask them to do it while you watch your baby enjoy life.




Mistake #6: Disposable Over Reusable


Now, it’s worth noting that both have pros and cons, so it’s a personal choice. Why is it wrong to choose disposable ones, then? It’s because the majority of moms and dads don’t act before they buy. Instead, they opt for the brand which is the most popular or less disgusting. Yes, cleaning out old, dirty diapers is by no means appealing even to a parent who is obsessed with the child’s bowel movements. Still, it points out on this website that reusable diapers can save a family a significant amount of money. Over the course of a child’s diaper-wearing life, the figure can be anywhere between $2,000 and $2,500. For the sake of cleaning out a bit of poop, a cash-strapped mom or day may change their mind. The site also points out disposable diapers have positives too, such as having a better absorption rate. The thing to keep in mind is not to make a rash (get it) decision. Always weigh up the options beforehand and make an informed choice.


Mistake #7: Back To Front


Parents think diapers are easy to use, but they don’t come with instructions. Even worse, it’s nearly impossible to tell which side is the front and which is the back. Putting a diaper on back to front is inevitable, but it’s essential that you catch the error ASAP. The reason is simple: leakage. Babies will do their thing and it will seep out if the diaper isn’t on the right way, a lot like it would with a diaper that didn’t fit. To help, look for a tag in the back or writing or anything which wouldn’t be on the front.


As you can see, diapers are by no means straightforward. Indeed, you will make a mistake or two. The good news is this advice should help limit the damage.

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