Dinner Made Easy In 5 Simple Steps


If you’re a mom, you’ll know that making dinner is one of the most stressful parts of the day. To most people, it sounds easy, but they don’t have a small child and an even more immature husband to feed. And, when they don’t get their food, they can both out on a show! Obviously, every mother wants dinner time to go smoothly, yet sometimes it descends into anarchy. For the sake of your sanity, you need to make the process easier so that you don’t have to worry when the clock strikes 5pm.

Luckily, there are a handful of tips that come in handy, and you can find them underneath. Happy cooking, if that’s possible!

Step 1: Weekly Dinner Menu

Making a weekly dinner menu is a great time saver. When you know what you are going to eat all week, you don’t have to idle around the store wondering what to buy. Instead, you can simply buy all of the ingredients while on autopilot, and get back home and get cracking. Some moms don’t like the idea as it sounds too samey. The truth is that it doesn’t need to get boring if you switch up the meals every week. With a bit of creative thinking, you can produce high quality and tasty meals that never get old. Anyway, everyone has favorites that they eat regardless, especially kids and husbands!

Step 2: Prep Time

Whatever you are making, you need time to get the meat in the oven and the veg in the steamer. Even if you can make the dish in your sleep, the meal still takes time to cook. And if you don’t have the time, you’ll find that you will fall behind and won’t make back the time. Yes, it’s such a hard thing to do when you have a small child because they are so energetic. But, there are times when they slow down, like nap time for example. So, instead of sitting back and relaxing, start preparing tonight’s meal. You can have a glass of wine and watch TV when the kids go to bed. But, you can’t look after them and make dinner at the same time. Seriously, it’s almost impossible.


Step 3: Two Meals At Once

Do you watch TV cooking programs? If you do, you might take titbits from the shows which are helpful. You also might take nuggets of info that are unhelpful. Consider preparing everything at once for a moment. Chefs like to make one meal at a time as it keeps the dish fresher and tastier. Lots of people take this as a sign that you should only make one meal per night because it’s healthier. Well, that isn’t true, and you aren’t a chef. You are a mom that has a deadline to hit, so making two meals at once and freezing one isn’t a bad idea. In fact, it’s a lifesaver! All you have to do when you have a dish readymade is take it out of the freezer to defrost. It still tastes yummy, yet it didn’t need hours of prep. Easy!


Step 4: Proper Tools

Okay, so you’re not a professional, nor are you a foodie with a passion for cooking. What you are is a mother who wants to get through the day and catch up on some sleep. Well, the good news is that you can if you have the correct tools in the kitchen. You see, there is machinery that does all of the hard work for you so that you don’t have to stress. Just think of what life would be like without a blender, a slow cooker, or an espresso machine. It isn’t worth thinking about because they are 3 kitchen gadgets that are unbelievably helpful. And, there is more. If you can stack the kitchen with the right equipment, cooking will never be hard again.

Step 5: Enjoy It

Finally, and this is important, you need to try and enjoy the experience. Cooking tends to be difficult because it’s a chore that moms want to finish as soon as possible. But, when you enjoy chopping onions and seasoning meat, this mentality will change. Instead, you will look forward to preparing the dinner, and it will become a hobby. Sure, it sounds too good to be true now, but that’s because you’ve never tried to immerse yourself in cookery. Just think about all your favorite moments and why you had fun. It’s because you had passion, right?


Hopefully, these tips will help you see making dinner in a new light. A helpful one!

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