Devils Dogs: Dealing With Doggie Behavioural Problems

They say that a dog is man’s best friend, but what can you do if your dog is more like your worst enemy? A dog can be loyal loving and well behaved, but they can also be naughty, destructive and a bit of a nightmare! Happily, there are things you can do to improve this sort of negative behavior. Just read in to find out what.

Set Boundaries And Be Consistent

First of all, one of the best tricks to ensure that your pup is well behaved is to set clear boundaries on what they are, and aren’t allow to do. You really need to think about these carefully before you bring your pet into your home. As you should kindly, but consistently be enforcing these from day one.

Consider whether you will allow your dog to do things like jumping up when new people enter the house or sleeping on the couch. If the answer is no, then you need to stop them doing this consistently from the get-go. Otherwise, they will become confused and try their luck each time.

Remember you are the head of the pack when it comes to your pet dog, so they need to follow your cue.

Identify Issues That Are Causing Bad Behavior

Some dog’s behaviors can rapidly change, even though you have been consistent with the rule from the start. This is usually a sign that something else is wrong, and you should take it an opportunity to check on their health.

For example, your dog may have soiled in the house, when they are usually very well housetrained. This may be because they have a stomach problem that needs addressing at the vets.

Or your dog might be particularly bad tempered and keep scratching himself. The likely cause of this is not usually a behavioral issue, but having parasites. Which can be dealt with by using something like this flea medicine for dogs. If you are unsure as to what parasites your dog may have, take him to the vets to get checked out before treating.

Reward Positive Behavior

It is also important that you not only plan for bad behavior, but you should reward for good behavior too. Most folks know that the ‘carrot is more effective than the stick,’ and this definitely works with dogs.

The best doggie rewards are usually treats. An s they are small and portable so you can take them out the house with you, and your dog with being pleased as punch when he gets them.  You can buy these or make your own following this recipe.

Ensure They Are Not Bored

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Another important factor in making sure that your dog is well behaved is checking to see whether they are bored.

Many dogs are left on their own at home all day, while they owners go out to work. This can further be compounded if they don’t have a garden where their pup can roam around in the day and end up resulting in all sorts of damage to your house.

If you are experiencing this issue buy some extra toys, or employer a dog walker to help you use up some of your pup’s excess energy in the day. Which should result in better behavior.

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