Cute Kids Valentines

Cute Kids Valentines

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Oh Valentine’s Day. I absolutely love the day. Granted I know there are plenty of cynics out there that will say yuck, so dumb or question the whole holiday about it’s true purpose. I say, say yes to happiness you grumps.

With it being Mini’s first year of school, she wants to do something special for Valentine’s Day, especially because it is her Bestie’s birthday. So we began the hunt for some cute ideas for kids to give their classmates. But let’s stop for a moment before we go any further, when they are young, it’s basically falls on you to make them. So you’re going to want simple things if you don’t buy a box of premade from the store, which I am still tempted to do…

Pinterest, the great time sucker, I say that because we can spend so much time on it and not even realize it. And while that is almost always the case, we do find some great ideas for things, even if we pin them and forget about it down the road when we had planned to use it.

If you’re looking to make one, here is one we’re leaning towards with some straws.

Here is one I found through Pinterest. I absolutely love how these can be for boys and girls. Plus what kid doesn’t love crazy straws?


Buy the straws here.

If you are running the route of, “Too many to make, let’s just buy a ton and call it good” then here are some great ones on Amazon.

Scratch and sniff? The little ones will get a kick out of these.

Here’s a Valentine that they will all enjoy for the weeks to come.

If you’re looking to go the snack route, try these animal cracker bags.

Then add a label saying, I’m Wild About You!


Have any more ideas? Drop them in the comments for others and be sure to share this post.

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