Choosing A Beagle As Your Family Pet

As your kids get older and can help out with looking after a pet, getting a dog seems like a good idea.  Now all you have to do is choose the breed of dog that would fit in with your family. You need to consider where you live, the size of your house and your lifestyle as a family. Do you love going on long country walks or do you like staying in and watching TV? You need a breed of dog that will enjoy what you do and that will be a pleasure to spend time with and not a burden.

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Choosing a Beagle as a family pet

The beagle is often considered to be an ideal family dog because it is medium sized. It is a member of the hound family and grows to around 16 inches to the shoulder and weighs around 15 kilos. They are a lovely looking dog with a black, brown and white coat. Some of the more unusual breeds are tan or lemon and white. Beagles were bred originally as hunting dogs and would be sent out in packs to hunt for hares. They are considered to be sociable and mischievous and are usually very healthy dogs.

They love to be with other dogs and with humans and are not pleased about being left on their own all day whilst you are out at work. This may be something that you need to think about if all your kids are at school and you work outside the home. Beagles even get on with cats!

You simply must have a garden if you have a Beagle but make sure that it has high walls (over 6 feet) because they are great at escaping!

Living with your Beagle

Beagles are tough little dogs but they do have a reputation for barking a lot. If your new pup is showing this characteristic you can check out to check out which products will help you do something about it. You can compare the price, size, and durability.

Your Beagle will appreciate having a special place of their own. Folding metal crates are a great option and children should be told that they must not disturb the dog when it is in the crate.

You will need to dedicate a lot of time and patience to your dog so make sure that you can balance this with the needs of your family.

Preparing your home for your Beagle

You must buy your Beagle from a specialist Beagle breeder to protect both you and your puppy. A Beagle puppy is ready to go to its new home once it is 8 weeks old.

Before you pup arrives, you must escape-proof your garden. Some common garden plants and chemicals are poisonous to dogs. Make sure that the garden pond is covered. Get rid of electric cables or trailing leads which will be chewed. Purchase metal water and feeding bowls and a small soft collar. A lightweight nylon lead is best for a young puppy.

Get a bed that belongs only to the Beagle. You need to keep the kids off it. Placing it in a warm area in the kitchen or utility room works well.

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