Buying Your First Family Pet? 6 Things You Should Know


Purchasing your first family pet is an exciting time. It’s likely that your first family pet is the first time your new family unit will feel fully complete, as a small puppy can help you feel like every tier of the family hierarchy has its role filled. Your family will bond even more over a dog, and you’ll only instinctively know that once you find one to love. But what should you keep in mind when looking for a little pooch to call your own?

These considerations might help:


The hygiene of your property, as well as having distinctly separated areas for your pet to do it’s outside business, eat and play will serve you well. You must also make sure that you don’t allow your puppy to sleep on the bed with you, because that can fast become a habit, and it’s very unhygienic.

Dogs carry plenty of bacteria and simply don’t adhere to the same cleaning standards as humans, so unless you’re prepared to brush the teeth of and bath your puppy every single day, you should instead purchase them a specifically made dog bed to keep them safe and happy at night.


All puppies will require some basic level of training at some point, but different trainers will tell you different methods, with varying degrees of success depending on your breed. It’s much more instructive to read guides such as to help you learn how to best cater for the puppy from the first day it enters your household.

Breeds & Cost

Different breeds will cost varying amounts of money. If you’d like a pedigree pureblood, you can expect to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a good ‘bloodline.’ These make some of the best dogs, because breeders can facilitate some of the best, most healthy dogs and take care of all of their needs from the moment they are born. This includes the medical shots they need. This is usually reflected in the price.

On the other hand, you might be able to rescue a dog completely free providing you can demonstrate that you have a decent home to bring it too. If you want to purchase a dog, mongrels are usually cheaper and can be found throughout many local listings. Be sure you know the history of the dog before you purchase one, to stay confident in the ethics of the whole transaction.


If not provided by your breeder, it’s important to get your puppy all the worming medicines and shots it might need. A consultation with a good vet will help you here. To see more information relating to new pet medical considerations, check this link to gain a complete understanding of how to proceed.


Not all dogs have the same temperament, depending on how you treat them, their history (if rescued,) and how they are disciplined. Making sure that your dog has a great temperament requires a careful approach, so keep this in mind.


Different sizes of dogs require different amounts of food. This is a given. But the dangers of underfeeding or overfeeding your dog are abundant and are cruel to continue. Make sure you never neglect the correct feeding of your dog by making sure that you understand the intricacies of how your pet eats. Ask a pet store professional to find out, or look online depending on your specific breed.

Being a great pet owner is better than ever with the internet. Be sure to utilize it and your new puppy will smoothly enter the daily operation of the household.

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