Blue Fin Pinot Noir Review

Blue Fin Pinot Noir Review

If it isn’t obvious yet from the title of this site, I love me some booze. Lately I have been venturing out and trying new things. There are so many delicious wines, beers and spirits out there. Each Thirsty Thursday, I’ll introduce you to something new I’ve tried. Since I believe in living on a budget (like I have a choice) and have expensive tastes, I’m going to keep the prices low. You really can enjoy a delightful beverage without paying $40/bottle.

Mini and I had our first visit to-drum roll please- TRADER JOE’S this week. So many of you must be shocked to read that this redneck hasn’t been there yet. I know, so was the cashier. While there, I was texting my friend Joanna of Motherhood & Merlot and spewing my amazement of the store. She thought it was pretty funny how excited I was. How could I not be? So much wine for such little prices?

I walked through the aisles feeling overwhelmed and uneducated about the vast amount of options. As we’re texting,  I began to passionately Google what these types of wine are. I have always thought Pinots were for the wine connoisseur and not the mom who buys a $6 bottle of wine that tastes like dessert just to get drunk. When I noticed there was a Pinot section, I began to look through them. There was a bottle with a cute label for only $3.99. Yes, I judged a bottle by its cover.


I read the little label underneath and thought, why not? A Pinot Noir is a red wine made from the Pinot grape. In the area of France that they originated from, they call them a Red Burgundy after the region. Fortunately they are now grown in California, Italy, Australia and a few other regions around the world.

As I did my research, I found there are so many delicious wines considered a Pinot Noir at low prices. The Blue Fin brand is based out of a vineyard in California. They were making quality wines at reasonable prices. When Trader Joe’s found out they were no longer going to make this store favorite, they were devastated. Luckily they’re label was bought by another winery and they continued to make this scrumptious drink.

Let’s get something clear before I go any further, I am no wine expert and don’t claim to be. This whole segment is a fun learning process for Mr. Hound and I.

I got out my cork screw and opened that bad boy up. Supposedly you’re supposed to let red wines breath because they’re hire in tannins. Tannins are what cause you to have dry mouth with certain foods and drinks. They are found in earthy things and some peels. Well I’m impatient and I poured a glass.

It was a bit of a pallet shock since I normally drink Moscatos. The flavor is strong. When you first drink it you really don’t notice the notes in it. You just think oh bitter wine. It has a dense almost velvet like texture. Aftertaste had me noticing some rich berry flavors. And the earthy taste was a bit surprising.

As I continued to drink it, the bitterness left and I could tell more and more I was going to enjoy it. It seems like something I’d enjoy with a rich dark sauce and pasta. I had it with a steak as well and it was a great way to wash it down. The strong flavors didn’t ruin what I was tasting with my seasoned steak.

So for $3.99, I’d give this wine a thumbs up for those of you trying to branch out into some more intense red wines. You can find it at your local Trader Joe’s.

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