Birthday Freebies

Birthday Freebies

Welcome to August. My birthday will be here before I know it. The man says I like to celebrate my birthday for the whole month. I did when we were kids but now I’m just happy to have someone else make dinner for it. This year I will be 27. I know, don’t look it do I? I was blessed with those youth genes that sucked as a kid and now make me blush. A few years ago I found out about the freebies you can get on your birthday or for the whole month of it. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. I know I’ll be at Sephora getting my Nars Lip Pencils. Here is the link I found years ago to start getting all of these amazing gifts.

*Not all locations will be participating*

Retail Shops:

Old Navy newsletters, just sign up and they’ll send you a reward on your birthday.

Sephora has amazing sample gifts that you can receive in store at the checkout counter.

Victoria’s Secret doesn’t make it a secret that they’ll send you a coupon for $10 off a $10 purchase when you sign up for their newsletter.

Delicious Treats:

Baskin Robbins will give you a free ice cream on your birthday when you sign up for their email club.

Krispy Kreme has an – that will give you a free doughnut and coffee on your birthday.

Starbucks will give you a treat reward to get a free coffee or yummy bites when you sign up for an account.

Chili’s will give you chips and salsa and a brownie for your birthday.

Red Robin yum. Had to. You get a free burger on your birthday.

Dairy Queen will send you a bogo coupon for a treat.

Even the kids can get some fun surprises.

Barnes & Noble will give them a free cupcake for their birthday.

Chuck E. Cheese’s will give your kids some tokens. We took Audrey for her birthday and loved it.

Don’t forget to go to Birthday Freebies and type in your city. They will show you what you can get in your area.


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