Best Point & Shoot Cameras

Best Point & Shoot Cameras

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Remember the day when phones didn’t have cameras? Or even texting? Yes, the most recent generation thinks we are crazy for reminiscing those days but they were are simpler time. My generation were the ones that started the obnoxious bathroom selfie trend with your basic digital camera. Drove me nuts seeing those flashes in mirrors. But I did carry my camera around to capture moments with friends. I got my first camera when I graduated high school to take with me on my exchange program to Japan. It was a Kodak. I felt so cool because it had a screen to review images. Oh yea, it was awesome. But in the past decade (plus) the digital camera for every day use has made leaps and bounds from where it was.

They not only have the ability to shoot more photos but you get a better quality photo. One of  the things I still enjoy about these is their size. Light weight and easy to pack in a purse, pocket or in your luggage. Unless you are trying to take artistic photos or create a special effect, these are great for the individual just trying to capture memories.

If you are looking for one for your child and don’t want to spend a lot then this would be a great choice.

Mr. Hound has this one. It has been great for us. He takes it with him on vacations and it has produced great photos when he needs an image to sell a product online.


If you are looking for a high quality shot with the convenience of a small camera, then this may be just the one for you. With the ability to send the images to your phone or put them online immediately, you will fall in love quickly. A higher price tag but definitely a higher quality.

If you are in need of some extra memory, this is a great deal on a 32 gb memory card. Normally I see them for over $20 at the store. I will be stocking up on these.


With so many great moments to capture, how will you get them?

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