Best Money Saving Apps

Best Money Saving Apps

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If you know anything about the Hound Family, you probably know that frugality is a badge we wear with pride. I’m not talking about wearing our undergarments until they are dust, although I think Mr. Hound may if I didn’t toss them and get new ones for him. No, I am talking about how much we have learned over the last few years as we have budgeted, coupon clicked, ad searched, saved and just withheld from things.

If Dave Ramsey has taught me anything so far, it’s that Cash is King and I want to achieve my dream farm. Yes a farm, because I want cows, chickens, goats and some big pigs (Tara is my current piggy). And whether we like it or not, we have to spend money. Until I have my farm, I can’t live that life of creating majority of what I need.

There was a time when I would go grocery shopping for dinner, EVERY SINGLE DAY! I sat down and did the math on how much I was spending. $80-$140 a week just on food for dinners. And while some of you are reading this and think, that’s not that much, oh trust me, it is.

A while back, I wrote about how we save money by buying meat in bulk and freezing it ourselves. Which I know isn’t a possibility for everyone. And while I am so glad we do it, it is hard as well. But buying bulk wasn’t enough. I wanted to save as much money as possible and take advantage of the amazing rebates out there. So I began to ask around and scour the web.

Here’s a list of my favorite money saving apps:

  1.  Ebates I wish I had signed up much earlier for this service. There are so many stores with cash back options to shop. Simply go through the app on your phone or their website, select the store if you are shopping online and once you have made a purchase, it will add whatever the current cash back percentage is to your account. Then they send you a big fat check or you can have it via PayPal.
  2. ibotta As in ibotta lot of stuff and need some money back. This has been one of my favorites for quite a while. No cards need to be added, but you do need to save your receipts. Because we already save our receipts until the end of the month, it’s easy. Each week before I get groceries, I look at the rebates available. If there is a product I was already going to buy, I make sure to add it to my rebates and get that brand at the store. Then as I put the groceries away, I snap the picture of my receipt in the app and then scan barcodes for the products. You can’t cash out until you have reached $20 but you can either have it sent to you via the bank, PayPal or an e-giftcard.
  3. Dosh While this one may not be a favorite of some, I like the concept. You do have to connect a card or multiple. It has local and online businesses that have rebates. When you use a card at one of the places listed on the app, you will receive that percentage back. It does track your spending which is a big turnoff for some. When you sign up, you receive a $5 incentive for the first card you connect and $1 for the next two.
  4. Walmart Grocery Pickup This app is AMAZING. With so many of us having full plates, we don’t always have the time to pick up a weeks worth of groceries to fill our plates. I love corny jokes. Get it, corny, food. Ok, enough with the jokes. This is still limited to certain Walmart stores, you go on, select a pickup time, order the exact amount you want and then get them when it’s time. Just pull up to one of the parking spots specific to order pickup, check in and they bring them and load your car. Crazy, I know. Perfect for those of us with kids that don’t want to get them all unloaded and wander the store while they bug us to buy everything they see.
  5. Fred Meyer ClickList Another store you can order your groceries online and pick up is Fred Meyer. I love shopping for produce here. I always have great luck with large, fresh produce at low prices. Plus you can get gas rewards.
  6. Safeway & Albertsons We buy most of our groceries from Safeway because it is close to our home and I get insane gas rewards. When I fill up, I usually have $00.60 to $1 off per gallon. That adds up. Download the app, set up your rewards card and add the coupons. We save anywhere between $30 and $80 a week on our groceries because of this. What I love, is the store has their own personal coupons and then always has the manufacturer coupons in the app as well. And yes, I double stack savings. Which means if something is on sale, I also use a coupon to save even more. Win win baby.
  7. Target Let’s all take a moment to truly appreciate this one. Majority of us shop here. But are you taking advantage of the amazing savings they have on every day products? One of my favorite things is the Red Card. It is a debit card that you connect to your checking account and only works at Target. It will always give you 5% cash back on your purchases. Use that 5% on top of all of the Cartwheel offers, and you can save a whole lot of money.

Another thing I like to use is the Flipp app. Set it up to your zip code and see ads from all of your local stores. You can even connect your store loyalty cards to add coupons from the stores and manufacturers. It shows them all in one area and you can make a shopping list with it.

What apps do you use to save that green? Drop them in the comments and help others.

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