Benefits of Having a Pet

Benefits of Having a Pet

For just about as long as human beings have been walking this earth, we’ve been doing our best to develop social relationships and bonds with the animals around us.

Somehow, way back in the mists of prehistory, we managed to breed wolves into dogs. There’s also a theory that cats domesticated themselves by coming out of the forest and hanging around our camps, looking for scraps, once upon a time.

Today, our fascination with pets is just as strong as ever, with pet ownership rates through the roof, and pet insurance companies such as managing a lively trade. Here’s a look at a few benefits of owning a pet.

They can teach you patience

In a lot of ways, pets are almost like children. They’re endlessly curious about the world around them, they’re not very good at communicating their feelings about things, they’re adorable, and they (often) rely on us for care and attention.

One of the main benefits of owning pets is that they teach us patience. When we might feel like flying off the handle and just going to bed early, our dog or cat will still be there making their demands of us.

Being able to calm down and deal with the things that have to be dealt with is a great life skill at any age, and especially for children and young adults. A pet can help teach us that lesson.

They force you to get out of your own head when you’re down

Life can get everyone down from time to time, from the most successful celebrity to the most humble, average guy or gal. In those unhappy times, one of the best remedies for the blues can be a loving pet.

Many animals have a way of sensing the emotions of their owners and trying to lift them up when they’re feeling down. Go find your pet and play with it, feed it, watch it move around, or give it a cuddle. You’ll find that it’s nearly impossible to stay sad.

And even if that doesn’t do the trick, having a pet will force you to get out of your own head for a while and back into the physical realities of the world around you. No matter how you’re feeling, your hamster will still need its cage cleaned and your dog will still need its walk.

They can force you to get some exercise

Everyone understands that exercise is good for them, but that doesn’t mean that many of us actually get anywhere near enough of the stuff. Between the commitments of work, our social calendars, and our time spent decompressing by watching funny videos on YouTube, it’s easy to make the excuse that we just “don’t have time”.

A pet can help force you to get some exercise (and we’re talking here about dogs rather than goldfish). This effect is doubly true if you’ve got an energetic working animal on your hands, such as a husky. Not only do they need regular walks — they need regular runs, and it’s your responsibility as a good owner to get out there and sweat right alongside them.

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