How To Have A Beautiful Wedding On A Budget

Budget is a word that is not one people want to associate with their wedding day. The word invokes something that doesn’t resemble luxury for most people, but those people would be so wrong! The thing is, weddings are a business and it’s one that is booming. A marriage – that’s the bit to look forward to, and it’s unfortunate that companies capitalize on our excitement and charge over the odds for cakes and dresses just because it’s a wedding day. Some companies add huge percentages to their fees just because you are holding a wedding party and not just a party, in the same way holiday companies lift their prices just because it’s half term!

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If you have always dreamed about a luxury white wedding with all the bells and whistles, you can still have that dream. Only, don’t use the word ‘budget’ use the word ‘beautiful’. It simply doesn’t matter what you spend on your big day. What does matter is using the budget you have to have the best wedding you can have, and maximizing what you have to spend is key! So, to plan your wedding and keep the budget you have without starting married life in debt, follow some of our fantastic tips:

Cut The Fat: Your guest list doesn’t have to be bloated. Don’t throw absolutely everyone you know onto your guest list, try and keep it to family and friends you actually see. Your great aunt from the other side of the country who you haven’t spoken to in ten years probably doesn’t need an invitation. Keeping the event more intimate doesn’t change its beauty either, so don’t forget that.

Presence Not Presents: Ask for wedding help instead of wedding presents. If you have a relative who is a photographer with a lot of talent, go for that instead of paying thousands for a stranger who will be there on your day. The presence of your family and friends is all that more meaningful if they’re part of your day behind the scenes as well.

Catering Challenges: Making the food yourself and having a buffet will be so much simpler than hiring an outside company to come in and cook for you all. Instead of a sit-down meal, have an evening feast of bacon and sausage sandwiches with fresh puddings. Make it clear in your wedding invitation what your meal intentions are too, so that people don’t arrive expecting to be fed a three-course dinner.

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Flower Choices: Flower arrangements for wedding can be expensive, especially if you are looking to decorate both the church and the venue. You can choose to either go with fake, silk flowers, or plan your wedding for the summer and make use of local wildflowers. Speak to farms and ask for help with flowers and add floral sprays in the church and the venue instead. Colorful and minimal, wildflowers are perfect.

Suit Rental: Your future husband and his groomsmen could look at hiring suits instead of paying out for brand new ones. It’s hard enough to find suits that fit but wedding suits run for a few hundred up to thousands of pounds. Hire costs are much less and when you wear for one day, why spend more than you need to?

Personalize It: Your day will be all about you and your future husband, so of course it’s personal. But putting a little of your budget aside for some stunning personalized wedding stationery will give your wedding a beautiful touch that most won’t be expecting. Make your day intimate and exciting and have an invitation you can frame at the end.

Vendor Cards: Everyone you hire to help at your wedding will have business cards. Offer to display them on your big day for slightly reduced rates. Everyone loves getting things for a lesser rate and not only have you hired them for all your guests to see and experience, you’ll help them get further business from everyone who is attending.

Dress Savvy: Your wedding dress should be the most elegant item of clothing you’ve ever worn in your life. That doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of pounds on it. You can buy sale dresses or off the rack dresses from discount warehouses. This works better if you’ve chosen your wedding colors some time before your big day, as you can plan ahead on the styles you want. Scouting the sale rails in big department stores will also give you some great insight on styles you can get for you!

Glamping: Your honeymoon doesn’t need to be a three-week all-inclusive long-haul adventure. You can enjoy a snuggled-up honeymoon going glamping in a yurt in the countryside. Jacuzzis, rustic foods, cozy walks through the local forests hand in hand, there are many things you can do while glamping and it can be so comfy!

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Hired Help: When you go to a DJ or any other wedding vendor, don’t mention the word wedding. When people hear the word, the costs start to mount up. Find out their costs for a general party, then later call back and ask for wedding costs. You’ll see what we mean!

Budget is always a consideration when it comes to a wedding but it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Your big day can be memorable and luxurious if you want it to be, you just have to know exactly where you can trim the big costs down. You cannot put a price on happiness so don’t forget the fact that your wedding is just one day, the bit that matters is after that. You’ll spend your whole life remembering your wedding day and it won’t be the pound signs you’ll think about, but the outdoor ceremony and the wildflowers edging the aisle.

Make good choices for your wedding and cut the pennies where you can. A beautiful wedding day requires beautiful details; never skimp on those!

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