4 Circumstances That Can Make Your Dog Anxious And How To Deal With Them


A new dog is an excellent addition to the family and can serve as a means of bringing your family together as a tight unit. The old memorable phrase goes “a dog is for life, not just for Christmas.” This was a promotional effort to remind people that while the gift of a puppy can be profoundly beautiful for someone to receive, it’s also an animal that requires a significant amount of maintenance and correct hygienic strategies.

No matter if you purchase a small puppy, a shelter dog, or a regular adult dog, they will all have their personalities and require a subtly different touch to bond with. Dogs in new environments with new people might take a little bit of time to adapt. If your dog has a gentle temperament, it’s likely that they’ll get anxious at the small daily occurrences. Be patient with your dog to help rectify this, and follow these handy tips to apply the right behavior and attitude towards your new pet in each difficult situation they might face.

Without further ado, here are the four main circumstances that can make dogs anxious:

Car Journeys

Car journeys are loud, noisy and are difficult to understand from a dog’s perspective. Why should they be locked in a small cage or the rear of a vehicle for some time? Make sure that someone is with the dog at all times to comfort it if the dog has a gentle temperament. This will slowly teach them that the car is nothing to be afraid of. Also be sure to keep the car well ventilated in hot weather, as they can suffer great discomfort in a car that’s overheating.

Loud Noises

Loud noises will always attract dogs and can make them behave in unpredictable ways. A dog recruited from a shelter might have a somber past and might be triggered in self-defensive or frightened ways if they encounter this. Of course, you can’t police every sound your dog hears, but you can make efforts to reduce your contributions to this audible soundscape, however subtly. Simple methods like moving your dog to another room when the loud washing machine you have is to complete a cycle will ensure that there’s no additional difficulty your dog has to experience, at least in their introduction to your home.

Other Dogs

Other dogs will unsettle or excite even the most deadpan dog. They’re likely to react in some ways depending on their past interactions with dogs. Fear, excitement or anger are all to crop up at some point.

If they do, and it’s getting out of hand, consider taking your pet to a dog training center where they might be able to introduce themselves to new dogs with similar temperaments most responsibly and wisely. A dog trainer will be able to gauge how well this is working for your dog very quickly. If you have other pets, be sure that your new pet is comfortable with them before bringing them in as part of the family.


Great flea control can help your dog feel comfortable in its skin, and stay bite-free in a hygienic way. Identify and use the right products to help eviscerate any possibility of fleas your dog might have. Poor flea control will do the opposite of this and can spread among your other pets fast. Routinely check your dog or other pets for fleas, and you’ll be able to catch them breeding early in the act, then deal with them accordingly.

Becoming aware of these will help you become a better pet owner. No matter what animal you’re lucky enough to call a pet, being a great pet owner is always the goal, and the most you can hope for.




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