8 Funny Folks Who Made Us Laugh

With a tragic week of death and natural disasters, it’s no wonder everyone seems like their down in the dumps.

Dearly Beloved,

We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.


So let’s all share a laugh and remember that life is too short to not find humor in it.

  1. Next Life, No Kids I have my own threenager and people seem to not understand…

8 Funniest Folks Online This Week


2. Jennifer Oradat, Writer and Editor

8 Funniest People Online This Week

3. Glynis Ratcliffe Why walk when you can complain?

8 Funniest Folks


4. Love Morning Wood That is a huge sin against your mother!

8 Funniest People


5. 40 Wishes and Counting And you get coffee, you’re getting coffee, everybody’s getting coffee!

8 Funniest People


6. Perfection Pending How did our beds become a home playground?

8 Funniest People


7. Real Mommy Confessions The Series Hey you guys! I’m going to Target!

8 FunniestPeople


8. Ripped Jeans and Bifocals Yea, what are snips?

8 Funniest People


Thanks to everyone who submitted this week. Make sure to follow them on Facebook for more hilarity.


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