5 Budget-Friendly Ideas For Your Child’s Birthday Party

5 Budget-Friendly Ideas For Your Child’s Birthday Party

5 Budget-Friendly Ideas For Your Child's Birthday Party


When it comes to your child’s birthday, you want to lavish them with love and attention on their special day. However, this doesn’t mean you need to empty your bank balance to show them how much you care. Birthday’s can be expensive, particularly when your kids are desperate for the latest toys and games, but you can save some money when it comes to the meal plan for the birthday party.

Here are a few ways you can still give your kids a great party without spending a fortune.

Have a shorter guest list

There is a tendency for parents to invite everybody from their child’s class in fear of leaving somebody out and offending other mom’s. By doing this, you are racking up a fortune, especially when you try and take into account every child’s dietary needs which could include all kinds of intolerances and allergies. Instead, ask your child who their closest friends are. By inviting only a few people, you are going to cut down on your food bill while allowing your child to build on those special friendships.

Make your own pizzas

For starters, store bought pizzas are unhealthy and contain fats, sugars, and salts which are not good for anybody. A cheaper and healthier alternative is to make your own pizza, with fresh ingredients and your own dough. You can even turn this into a bonding exercise with your child and let them create a pizza with you, or maybe turn pizza making into one of the party activities. Fussy kids are more likely to eat something they have made themselves, and it will cut down on buying other unnecessary foods and snacks.

Let them eat cake

Buying the most expensive cake from the bakery is pointless. No matter how nice it looks, once it has been cut up into pieces and eaten, you will only have the crumbs as evidence of your hard earned cash. Buy something cheaper from Costco as they can look as nice as any other cake you can buy elsewhere. You can even order Costco cakes online, with whatever decoration and fillings you require.

Buy supplies early

A little bit of planning goes a long way, especially when it comes to food. Bulk buy anything you know you are going to need, such as bottles of drink and snacks. Make room in your kitchen for your birthday supplies, and keep adding to them until the day of the party. As many stores also have special offers, take advantage when you see them, but be mindful not to buy anything with early sell-by dates.

Go for a picnic

Rather than stay indoors, head out somewhere scenic such as the local park and have a picnic. Not only is this a great way to get the kids some fresh air, but it also means you don’t have to cater for all the other children. The other moms should pack their own food for their kids, or you could suggest a bring and share picnic where you all dig into each other’s offerings.


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