4 Skills Your Marriage Needs So It Can Grow

4 Skills Your Marriage Needs So It Can Grow


If you need some advice about your marriage, here are the four most important skills you need to have within the relationship.


A relationship just can’t work out if there’s no trust between the two of you. It’s not easy putting your trust in someone because it makes you vulnerable and puts you at risk of getting hurt. Having said that, being able to trust someone feels incredible. Knowing deep down that they love you and will always protect you and stand by your side through it all – that’s what trust is. It’s not an instant thing though; it’ll take time and patience, the more you learn about one another, the more open you become, and that’s where trust starts to blossom.


No matter how much you love a person, and love to be around them – you still need your own space. Sometimes it can be hard to focus on yourself – whether that be in your career, life goals, or even just to see how your mind is doing – when your partner is always around you. Not only that, but breaking away every now and then will remind you of how much you love that person, and miss them when they’re not around. Or maybe it does the complete opposite, and you realize the relationship isn’t right for you. Whatever the outcome, you both need your own space.


Sometimes, as much as it may hurt to admit it – it doesn’t always work. You may have had a great start together, maybe ten happy years, but now things have changed. That’s okay, it happens. Whether one of you has done something to hurt the other, or you both just aren’t feeling it anymore, maybe it’s time to call it a day. There’s only a certain amount of times you can try before it really starts affecting you in all the wrong ways. A lot of couples fear the word divorce because they associate it as being that evil battle between two people, usually with a child in the middle of it all, but it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) be like that. Companies like JudithGoldberg.com/ct/practice-areas/divorce-information/uncontested-divorce focus on giving both parties a fair and easy separation that isn’t’ based on causing each other any more pain than they may already be feeling.


Showing signs of affection is a wonderful way to keep your partner feeling loved. It can be so simple, like stroking their hair, putting your hand on their knee, and holding hands, whether that be in public or the privacy of your own home. It’s nice to be touched, and in fact, the act of cuddling or stroking stimulates chemicals in your brain which create a sense of euphoria. Read more about that on www.lifehack.org.

It’s not all about the touch either; you can be just as affectionate with your words. Compliment one another, remind them of how beautiful you think they are, or how you love when their lips curl up like that when they smile. It doesn’t cost you anything, and yet it’ll mean ever so much to your partner.

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