3 Coping Strategies When Kids Won’t Eat Breakfast

Breakfast, we are told, is the most important meal of the day. It’s not difficult to see why, either. This is the meal that will send us through the day, give us energy to get going, and finally be able to rouse us from our sleeping state.


We may know this, as adults, and even if we don’t feel hungry, it’s enough to make us force some decent food into our mouths. But kids? Kids might reject breakfast entirely – and they’re unlikely to be reasoned with.


The reason for this is fairly simple. Some children and people genuinely don’t feel hungry in the morning; their systems haven’t quite had the chance to wake up enough yet to get the digestive juices flowing. Some adults, despite knowing how important breakfast is, still can’t quite force themselves to eat in the morning – so imagine how kids feel!


Nevertheless, skipping breakfast for kids isn’t a good idea. Their energy is all the more likely to crash, which can be particularly problematic if they’re in the middle of a school lesson at the time. There are a few ways to combat the morning inappetence, so why not give one of these a try and see what works for your reluctant child?


#1 – Make Breakfast Taste Good


A bowl of bran flakes might be a good idea in terms of nutrition, but if you’re not hungry… well, do you really think your mind would be changed with a bowl of what tastes like cardboard? Probably not. So try and make breakfast appetizing and interesting to look at; berries with yogurt is a great option which you can easily pick up at a grocery store to experiment with.


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#2 – Ensure They Have Food When They Need It


If breakfast is a no go, then it’s important to add something to their lunch box that they can eat before lunchtime. This should be something nutritious and protein rich; think nuts or vegetable snacks rather than candy or chips. If you cooked something warm for breakfast and it’s been rejected, you could always pack them off with the leftovers in containers like these Thermo Boutique lunch boxes, which are particularly appealing during the cold winter months.


#3 – Get Them Up Earlier


It’s not the most attractive proposition (especially for parents who like their lie-ins too!) but one way of combating morning inappetance is by getting up earlier. This means that there’s more time for them to wake up and feel properly hungry, as their digestive systems have time to rouse themselves. It might not be the most welcome advice you have ever heard, but it might just work!


The best way to begin a routine of getting up earlier is to do it very gradually. Five minutes at a time is a fine way to progress, slowly moving backwards in small increments. An extra half hour in the mornings should be able to make all the difference. Try and maintain this pattern on weekdays and weekends, too – it’ll make it much easier to maintain and ensure they get the nutrition you know that they need.


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