To Buy or Not to Buy- Considering Everything Involved in Owning a Horse

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Most of us, at one point or another, have dreamt of owning our own horse. But many of us, just assume that there is just not the space or that it will either be too difficult to look after or be too expensive. If you have considered those three points and are still trying to decide whether it is possible for you and whether it will be a good decision for you, then there are other important factors to consider.

We all know that horses are no ordinary pet, they are a huge investment in terms of both money and commitment and they need an enormous amount of care and knowledge in order for them to be able to be properly looked after and to be able to thrive in their environment. So if you are a little uncertain about whether having a horse is right for you, and your family, or not, read on for the main points to try and help you make that decision.

They Are Expensive

We can’t talk about buying a horse without talking about how expensive they are. When a lot of people think of buying a horse, they think of just the cost of purchasing the horse. However it is not just the cost of the horse that needs to be considered it is also the maintenance costs that need to be factored in. Horses are very expensive to maintain and to look after so anyone considering buying one, needs to really crunch the numbers on how much it is going to cost on a monthly basis.

You are also going to need to factor in costs for food, shelter, medication and veterinary care. Your horse is going to need all the right maintenance tools and equipments and it’s possible that you may also need to pay someone to look after your horse if you go away. The veterinary bills alone, for keeping on top of a horse’s health, are very costly, so as you can see the ongoing expenses certainly add up.

Feeding Your Horse

The diet of your horse will depend on its breed, age, activity level and health condition. Even factors such as weather and climate, will have an affect on the type and amount of food that you need to feed your horse. It is a very common misconception that horses only eat grass. However grass alone is not enough to completely sustain a horse. So all horse owners need to be vigilant that other items are being added to their diet to make sure they are consuming grains, crops, hay, protein and salt that are all necessary to keep a horse strong, healthy and happy.

Stable Space & Equipment

Owning a horse inevitably is going to need space, and a far bit of it, at that. You are going to need to have enough space to not only keep your horse happy but also to take care of, and store, all the grooming, feeding and general maintenance equipment. It is easy to forget all the space and details that are necessary to look after your horse, from Vale Stables to crop storage, for when they have eaten all the grass in your field and needs to graze until the grass has grown back, right through to appropriate equipment to look after them in the different seasons.

It is no secret that horses need a lot of space in order for them to feel free and happy, so you must look at the space that you have available in your outdoor space in order to evaluate if you have enough. The general rule of thumb is that anyone with less than one acre of land doesn’t have a big enough crop of land for a horse, so take this on board when making your decision.

It is a hug decision to own a horse. This is not a dog or a cat, so really take some time to consider the above points to be certain that you are in the best position to give your horse the best life in the lovelies possible environment.

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