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How to Get the Right Amount of Sleep Every Night Without Fail

How to Get the Right Amount of Sleep Every Night Without Fail

Sleep is incredibly important to everyone. In fact, most people recommend that we sleep for about a third of our lives—that’s an incredibly long time! Not only is sleep great for recharging your body and revitalising the mind, it’s also a fantastic way to heal […]

10 Top Tips For Holidaying With Your Dog

10 Top Tips For Holidaying With Your Dog

You’ll be heartbroken if you leave them behind and the kennel fees will cost a fortune so you’ve decided to take your pooch on holiday with you. Holidaying with a dog is slightly different to the holidays that you are used to. So, here are […]

Things To Consider Before Taking Your Dog On Holiday

Things To Consider Before Taking Your Dog On Holiday

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Summer is coming up fast, and most of us are starting to ache for sun, sea, and sand. If you have kids and dogs, however, things aren’t as easy as just packing, upping and leaving. You are going to have to be a bit more organized and plan effectively around your loved ones. If you’re heading abroad, you might want to leave your pooch on home turf, as doggy passports are expensive and a lot of the time, they will have to go in quarantine for a while when entering another country. But if you want your four-legged to be involved in your little trip, there are plenty of options available to you. Consider visiting somewhere closer to home, where you can easily drive with your little one and pooch on board. Here are a few things to consider before heading away.


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Ensure that your intended accommodation is pet-friendly. You might assume that any camping site will be fine with the arrival of your well-behaved dog, but some will turn animals away. Regardless of where you are planning on staying – a campsite, B&B, or rented accommodation – double check that your pooch is allowed before you book.


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You might think that taking your pup on holiday is as simple as popping them in the car and bringing them along on your adventures. But you have to pack for your dog too. This will mean putting a little bag aside for them and filling it with their favorite things. Pack their food and bowls, their bed (if it fits safely in your vehicle) and any medication that they might need. If your dog has a special, favorite toy, remember to bring it along too. It will give them something comforting when they’re in a new environment and a plaything for if they get a little bored.


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While you are away, you want your dog to be as safe as possible. This starts from the moment that you get into your car. Your dog should be clipped in, just like yourself and your children. So invest in a dog seatbelt to keep them put in their place the whole journey. You should also have a harness for dogs. This is a safer and more reliable way to keep your dog on their lead. It is easy for pooches to slip from their collar and this could be disastrous in a new location that you and your pet are unfamiliar with. Make sure that your pup is microchipped and has a personalized name tag on their collar (detailing your pet’s name and your contact details). This will ensure that if they do get away, someone will be able to return them to you conveniently.


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Lookup pet-friendly activities in your destination. If you are aware of places that accept dogs before you arrive, you can be well prepared in planning your days out. This will prevent you from being turned away at places on the day and will keep smiles on everyone’s faces throughout your stay.

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Making the Most of a Thrifty Lifestyle

Making the Most of a Thrifty Lifestyle

Living frugally doesn’t mean living cheaply. A lot of people mistake frugal lifestyles for a cheap one, but they would be wrong and there are some major advantages to living within your means instead of splashing your cash on luxuries you don’t need. So no […]

Dinner Made Easy In 5 Simple Steps

Dinner Made Easy In 5 Simple Steps

Image If you’re a mom, you’ll know that making dinner is one of the most stressful parts of the day. To most people, it sounds easy, but they don’t have a small child and an even more immature husband to feed. And, when they don’t […]

How To Plan Christmas Early This Year

How To Plan Christmas Early This Year


If you’ve got a big family, then planning Christmas presents way in advance is totally normal. Getting it all out of the way now not only saves you from stressing out last minute, but you won’t have to fight anyone off for the last item in the toy store! Plus you could save yourself a lot of money because the festive prices won’t have kick started up yet, so a lot of items are buy one get one free! So get right in there and bag all your goodies now while you have the chance.



First, start by splitting people up into categories. Have the boys on one side of your list and the girls on the other side. Then split them up into different age groups.

By doing this, you will make it so much easier to know what you need to look out for, and who it will be going to, and then you can just cross them off the list.


It’s a good idea to make a budget so you don’t end up spending more than you have, as it is very easy to get carried away when shopping for gifts.

Make note of how many people you are buying presents for, and whether you will be buying them more than one. It’s good to have a basic estimate of how much you’re willing to spend anyway, and then you can calculate whether or not you guessed correctly.


Next, you need to decide where you want to shop. Nowadays it’s so easy to buy everything online. All you have to do is type in what you want, and you’ll have hundreds of colors and styles of exactly that!

If online shopping isn’t for you, then figure out where you need to go in order to find what you’re looking for.

Also keep an eye open for any offers or deals going on in store, as you may benefit from them.

The Babies

Now we all know, babies don’t really appreciate the presents we buy them. They’re too young to understand what’s going on, but it’s just a nice thing to do, and it makes the parents happy. So when shopping for a baby, keep in mind they’re sensitive. So you’ll only want to buy things that are soft to touch and big enough so it can’t be swallowed. (Remember babies put everything in their mouths!) Consider buying toys that make a little noise, as they might find this really exciting and new. You could also get a big cuddly bear for them, something that’s a little bigger than them that they can sit on, lie with, or even climb on.

Do not buy anything that is fragile, as this could be very dangerous for your baby, and also make sure you don’t give them anything small, or anything that can break off into pieces, as your baby may choke on this.

The Kids

Children shouldn’t be too hard to shop for because they have probably made it very clear to you by now exactly what they want. So the issue won’t be figuring out what to buy, it’ll be narrowing down the list to make it an affordable Christmas, not a bankrupt one!

Think about what will last the longest. Kids get bored very easily and move onto the next thing within no time, so bear this in mind when choosing what to purchase.

The Teens

Teenagers are probably easier to buy for, but also the most expensive because they are at that age where technology, gadgets, and fashionable clothing is the most important thing in their lives! So expect to be told numerous times that they need a new phone or the latest shoes. Although those types of gifts cost more, teenagers won’t expect loads of presents; they will just prefer one big one, so you won’t need to go too overboard.

…They should have a job by now anyway, right?

The Young Adults

This is where it gets tricky. This age group aren’t usually very vocal about what they want, so you find yourself trying to snoop around, looking for any clues of what they’re missing in their lives. If you can’t figure it out on your own, just ask them what they’d like. If they’re not even sure, just give them some money or a gift voucher for their favorite store. That way when they see something they like, they can just buy it for themselves.

The Grown Ups

As we get to a certain age in our lives, we stop expecting gifts. The more our family grows, the more you want to focus on the little ones, but that doesn’t mean we should forget about each other entirely! Make your best friend, family member or other half feel appreciated this year with a little gift. Could be a bottle of nice wine, or something more sentimental like a piece of jewelry, a pretty watch or a personalized item. And it’ll be even better because they won’t be expecting anything. So have a look and see gift ideas here.

The Grandparents

Granny and Grandad will always say not to get them anything, but it wouldn’t be fair to miss them out! So spend a little extra on a well-aged whiskey, or whatever they enjoy drinking. If they’re not big drinkers, why not get them something nice to wear? Maybe a blazer for him, and a cute skirt for her. And if all else fails – a big box of chocolates will hit the spot.

Now you’ve got all your presents sorted, hide them somewhere they won’t be found. Don’t forget some nice wrapping paper to finish it off nicely. You may have to get this online though as shops won’t be selling anything festive yet. But remember, you have months to go until the festivities start, so keep things unwrapped just in case you end up changing your mind about an item. So keep ALL of your receipts in a safe place!


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Have You Packed For The Summer Holiday?

Have You Packed For The Summer Holiday?

With the weather getting warmer and warmer, and the days longer, it’s certain that everyone is looking forward to the summer holiday. One or two weeks of well-deserved peace, before going back to work, it’s what it is about. Therefore it may be difficult to […]

The Sacred Spare Time Conundrum

The Sacred Spare Time Conundrum

Children are such a blessing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have time to yourself every once in awhile. Running a home with pets, kids, chores and everything else that comes into the mix can be exhausting. Taking a bit of time out to […]

Taking Every Stage In Your Stride

Taking Every Stage In Your Stride

Kids are notoriously difficult to clothe. Most kids will start growing from the moment they are born and continue this way for almost two decades. During this time, you will have to make countless shopping tips to buy new shoes, trousers, shirts, and everything else they need. And, it won’t be easy. You will have to deal with their tempers and tantrums. You will have to spend hours searching for the perfect options. And, this is before they even make it to the changing rooms. To help you out, this post will be showing you how to get this job handled from the sofa. So, you don’t have to set foot in a single store.

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  • Babies

This is the easiest stage of this journey. Your baby won’t care about what they wear, at all. As long as the materials are comfortable and warm, you baby will be happy. Of course, you will want to make sure that their clothing is appropriate. And, you will probably have the desire for them to look nice, too. So, you’ll have to do some research. Infant fashion is most definitely a thing at the moment. All over the world, leading designers are creating line-ups just for the little ones. This gives you a great chance to get some clothing that you can truly be proud to have your child in. This won’t be for everyone though. Instead, some people will just want the must have baby items. In this case, just make sure that the clothing you buy is high enough quality to last until they grow out of it.

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  • Children

As your child grows, their needs will start to change. Now, they will need two different sets of clothing in their wardrobe; a school uniform and their regular clothing. Thankfully, this means that they don’t have to have as many items of clothing. Instead, they can have just what they need for the evenings and weekends. At this point, you should start to give them some guided choice. By doing shopping online, it’s easy to find a few items that you like; then, you can show them to your child to choose out of them. This will make them feel like they are picking their own outfits.

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  • Teenagers

Teenagers can be the very hardest of this bunch. A lot of people at this age feel the need to express extreme views through their clothing. Of course, you might not want to encourage this. But, you also don’t want to stifle their creativity. So, when they want to get some clothing, you should let them know a budget. Then, let them find items for you to buy for them. This will give you a chance to vet potential bad items, which you don’t want your kid to have. And, it ensures that they get what they need; not just what they want.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start doing all of your kid’s clothes shopping online. Most people ignore this sort of place for their clothing. But, it’s not like the old days. Most sites will happily take returns for items without question, within two weeks. So, you have plenty of time to try them on.

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Great Gifts for Foodies

Great Gifts for Foodies

Image source The good thing about food and drink lovers is that you always know that buying them something edible will go down well. The bad thing about foodies is that they’re much more discerning than the average eater which means that you have to […]

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