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Great Expectations! Pregnancy Gifts For The Mommy To Be

Great Expectations! Pregnancy Gifts For The Mommy To Be

Flickr Image: bradfordst219 Pregnancy is a very special, unique and rewarding time in a woman’s life as she watches new life grow inside her. In America, baby showers are hugely popular and give friends and family a chance to spend time with the glowing mother-to-be […]

Everything You Need For a Beautiful Home Bar Cart

Everything You Need For a Beautiful Home Bar Cart

-Photo source- The retro seventies bar cart has well and truly made a comeback! You can buy beautiful, modern bar carts these days which make a stunning piece of décor and are also practical especially if you entertain a lot. If you’re thinking of adding […]

Furry Friends Forever: Show Your Dog Just How Much You Appreciate Them

Furry Friends Forever: Show Your Dog Just How Much You Appreciate Them

Image Source

A family dog is almost as much a part of the family as mom, dad, and the kids themselves. They’re there from the moment you wake up until the moment you sleep, and they require almost constant care and attention. And boy do they give the love back! Wet nose kisses, the wagging tail, and the greeting you get when you walk through the door make it so worth it. It’s the least we can do to celebrate their life, immortalize them in our family homes, and spoil them rotten.

Keep them close to your heart

If you’ve got a beloved furry friend, you won’t be surprised to find out that other dog owners take their show of appreciation for their pooch to new lengths. Jewelry involving your family dog is the new trend. Choose from paw or note prints in clay, which is then fired and glazed and attached to a necklace, or a locket with a lock of your pup’s fur in it. If you travel a lot and want to keep your pup close to your heart, this is the perfect thing for it. It’s also great to commemorate your lovely family dog if they’re no longer with us, and make brilliant family gifts too.

Labrador Ernst Humor Pet Carnival Dogs

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Throw them a birthday party

If you’ve never put a party hat on your dog, this is the year to change that. Yes, they might look confused and slightly irritated, but it’s all worth it for that one photo. And all the doggy gifts and the canine cake will make it so worthwhile for them too. Invite all their puppy friends from the neighborhood, fill the yard with toys and treats, and sing “happy birthday.” They might not understand what’s going on, but they’ll love it all the same.

Get a fun portrait of them

One of the best ways to immortalize your furry friend is with a beautiful piece of wall art. A caricature will capture your pooch’s personality perfectly, but there is a whole world of options. So many artists now take on commissioned pieces for pet portraits, so shop around and find one which works for you. A figurine is a great alternative to a portrait and looks brilliant on the mantelpiece – check out Likenessme bobbleheads to see what they can do for your pooch.

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Get them a Valentine’s gift

Your pup has been there for you through thick and thin, and with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, what better time to show your gratitude? It’s a crazy world, but Valentine’s cards for pets really do exist, and love-heart shaped treats are guaranteed to win your pooch’s approval too. If you really want to show your love for them (and you’re a little bit cruel too), you can even dress them up as Cupid or a little love-bug – adorable!

For the dog-crazy among us, there are so many ways to celebrate our furry friends, in life and death, and to thank them for their loyalty and unrequited love.

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Procrastination: I’ll Come Up With A Better Title Later

Procrastination: I’ll Come Up With A Better Title Later

Ever meant to have been doing admin, but ended up just making paperclip chains? They say procrastination is the thief of time, but try telling that to a you who has a deadline and no idea what to do with it. The most likely outcome […]

A Wonder It’s Warm In Winter

A Wonder It’s Warm In Winter

  The hatches have probably long been battened down, but we still have a few weeks to go yet before spring makes an appearance. If you have had a day in your home over this past winter season where you haven’t thought “there’s a bit […]

Go Go Gadgets: The Best Kitchen Gizmos Out There

Go Go Gadgets: The Best Kitchen Gizmos Out There

So unless you are rocking your kitchen Amish style, you probably have a few gadgets that make your life easier. But now, there are so many gadgets out there it can be pretty tough to decide which ones you actually need and which ones you don’t. But don’t stress, because below is a quick run down do all the essential kitchen thing-a-ma-bobs that are currently on the market.

A Smoker

Now, this is a gadget that you can get really excited about. Many people loved smoked food, and it is super popular in all those fancy restaurants at the moment. But until now it has been tough to do this at home, without having large, expensive specialist equipment. But now you can use items like this Smoking Gun to create that smokey flavor in dishes such as fish, chicken and even over drinks! How cool is that? It’s almost worth holding a dinner party so you can impress your guests!

Coffee grinder

Picture here

Most American homes will have a decent coffee machine for making delicious brews without having to go the local coffee shop. But it’s not just the machine that you need, to make a great cup of java. You will also need great quality beans and something to grind them with, which you can learn more about this by clicking the link.

Remember folks, that the best coffee needs to be ground fresh, every time, to release those rich and full bodied flavors.

Breakfast master

So one of the most favorite things to cook in a kitchen is breakfast. Whether it’s pancakes and bacon, waffles or just toast and eggs. The problem is that cooking up such a feast every morning is pretty impractical in today’s busy world. Do you really have time to conjure up a hot cooked breakfast in between getting the kids ready for school, jumping in the shower before work? Well If the answer is no, then a little gadget like this could be the answer.

Image source

The breakfast master will cook up egg bacon and toast so you can all have a healthy, filling breakfast and start your day off right. But it does it automatically so you can get in will all those others things you have to in the morning.

Potato ricer

Now getting a potato ricer, isn’t exactly the height of high tech. But it is a gadget that all kitchens should have. Why? Because it makes the best mashed potatoes ever! Seriously!

That’s right throw your mashers away, and say goodbye to lumpy potatoes, because a ricer like this will help you get a soft fluffy mash every time. Add in some mustard, pesto or even a little garlic for variety, and you are good to go!



Now I don’t know who anyone can survive without their trusty kitchen microwave. Ok, they aren’t so great for cooking entire meals. But boy, are they great at reheating small batches of food that you have previously prepared and cooked. This also makes breakfast time super easy so I wouldn’t be without mine.

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How To Survive Your Chaotic Schedule In 8 Easy Steps

How To Survive Your Chaotic Schedule In 8 Easy Steps When you’re a busy mom, you can often feel as if you don’t have time for a schedule, let alone an efficient one. Whether you’re running out of the door for the school drop off, dashing around the grocery school, or trying to remember […]

All I Want Is Money – Learn How To Best Manage Your Money For The Sake Of Your Family

All I Want Is Money – Learn How To Best Manage Your Money For The Sake Of Your Family

Every parent wants the best for their children: Happiness, health, education. It is natural to want to protect them from all the bad things that could happen in life. While you can’t keep them safe from everything, what you can do is take all the […]

Make Financial Worries A Thing Of The Past: Here’s How

Make Financial Worries A Thing Of The Past: Here’s How

It seems that most people tend to worry about money these days. If it isn’t nearly Christmas or somebody’s birthday, you have bills coming out and emergencies to fork out for. Well, with this advice, you can make your money worries a thing of the past. Take a look and see what you can use to feel better about your situation:

Create A Financial Planner

The first thing you should do is create a financial planner. This can be scary at first if you have debts and are never really sure how much money you have, but it will be worth it. It should also be exciting. You’re finally about to sort your money situation out for the better! To do this, you should note down every single thing you have to pay each month, whether this is a phone bill, car insurance, or something else. Note down how much you have coming in each month. The money you have coming in and left over from your necessary payments, you can then split between savings, things like cosmetics and food, and entertainment. If you allocate yourself at least a rough budget for each thing, you will better be able to ensure you’re on track with your spending.

Track Every Single Thing You Spend

Once you have your financial planner, the key is to track every single thing you spend. You can do this by downloading an app, writing it in the notes section for your phone, or simply writing it down in a notebook. This means writing down absolutely everything, from that coffee you buy every morning, to the bigger purchases. Even small purchases can add up, and this may very well be where your money is going.


Figure Out Where You Can Save

When you’ve been tracking your spending for a while, you can figure out where to save money. Maybe the majority if your spare cash goes on eating out, or clothing. Perhaps you could cut this a little bit and put more into your savings, for example. Some apps even come with pie charts that allow you to see what is going on at a glance.

Use Tips That May Help You To Save Even More Money

There are so many tips out there that will help you to save even more money. Here are just some of them you can use:

  • Buy things in bulk to save money.
  • Never go food shopping when you are hungry.
  • Always look for coupons and discounts.
  • Find out which stores have money back or free product recycling programs.
  • See if you can get a student discount, senior citizen discount, armed forces discount, etc.
  • Check utility suppliers each year for better deals and swap if you need to.
  • Turn your appliances off standby when not in use.

Put Savings Away Consistently

Everybody should have a cash cushion behind them just incase something unexpected can happen. Emergencies crop up, and you don’t want to be left in the lurch. By putting savings away consistently, you can build up your cash cushion and feel more secure, whether you end up breaking your washing machine or losing a job. It’s up to you how much you save, but there’s a lot of advice online to help you figure out what’s appropriate. You could even have separate savings accounts, one for emergencies that you never touch and one for things like holidays. Every little helps!


Know Your Options If You Need Money Fast

Occasionally, you may not have any money saved and an emergency crops up. You’ll need to know your options to get money fast in cases like this. If you can’t ask a friend or relative for a temporary loan, you could perhaps consider an online cash advance. You should ensure that whatever you decide to do, you know the terms and read the small print. Interest can really add up and you’ll pay back much more than you borrowed. This is why borrowing money should only ever be done in a real emergency.

Figure Out How Much Money You’d Need To Live Comfortably

Figure out how much money you’d need to live comfortably. As in, the comfortable lifestyle you dream of. Maybe it would only be a little more than you earn now. Maybe you’d like to double it. It’ll usually be much less than you actually think it is. Some people think that they would need to earn thousands per week, or even millions, but this is rarely the case. Being able to have everything covered including your entertainment and luxuries should be much less than you expect, unless you plan on buying some really stupid, unnecessary items (that are unlikely to contribute to your happiness in the long run).

Find Ways To Make More Money

Once you know how much you need, you can consider finding ways to make more money. There are even ways you can make more money by barely doing anything at all. Some people like to build up a collection of e-books that they sell on Amazon. If you write one good book, you could earn money each time somebody buys it. It likely won’t be too much, but it can all add up. There are also things like affiliate links and blogging.


Know How To Handle Emotional Distress

If you feel that you’re in emotional distress at the moment because of your finances, you must make sure you speak to somebody. There’s always a way out. Perhaps consider going to see a financial advisor, a life coach, or even a counselor to help you work through your emotions and figure out a plan. There’s always a way!

Change Your Perception of Money

Finally, change your perception of money. You may have been brought up to believe that money is the route of all evil, but this is not the case. Money helps us to live comfortably, pay for bills, and take care of our families. When you change your perception of money, you might just find that you handle it better. Your outlook on life may change too!

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The Home Can Be A Scary Place If Your Don’t Know How To Handle It. Get A Grip On Things To Keep Your Child Safe

The Home Can Be A Scary Place If Your Don’t Know How To Handle It. Get A Grip On Things To Keep Your Child Safe

Do you do everything possible to keep your kids safe while they’re out the house? Good, that’s how it should be! As a parent, every aspect of your child’s safety is your concern. The world is a dangerous place and your child doesn’t know it […]

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