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8 Funny Folks who are laughing their way to the bank…

8 Funny Folks who are laughing their way to the bank…

Ok, so I’m not sure what these people do in their free time. Maybe they are secretly working for the government as spies? I’m looking at you Kim Kardashian. We all know you had trackers implanted in that booty. Oh hook titles, gotta love them. […]

11 Funny Folks Who Made Us Laugh

11 Funny Folks Who Made Us Laugh

Ain’t nobody got time for your drama. Haha, I have always wanted to say that. So let’s move on with our lives and live a new day. Here are some of the funniest people we saw online this week.   Totally Inappropriate Mom Having kids and […]

Funniest Folks on the Web

Funniest Folks on the Web

I hope you all had a great week. Mine has been off. For some reason I have been thinking it was a day ahead every day. Also, the man was way funny this week. So obviously something happened and we’re in an alternate universe. Clearly this is so because Trump is running against Clinton for President… Now that’s a sad joke.

Now that I have you thoroughly depressed, lets find some humor.


  1. 40 Wishes and Counting  I live that movie.

Funniest Folks on the Web


2. Jsack Moms House Tiny terror or tiny dinosaur?

Funniest Folks on the Web


3. Glynis Ratcliffe Shaking my head…

Funniest Folks on the Web
Can we just take a second to read this little snippet of a book someone once gave my kids? This is a duck telling ANOTHER BIRD that it can’t go up in the tree, BECAUSE IT CANNOT CLIMB. To whoever wrote this? You are absolutely right, ducks can’t climb. But they can FLY. And they can sit in trees. A quick Google image search confirmed that. If I ever meet the author or publisher of this book, I will throat punch them. For real. #doyourresearch #evenforkidsbooks


4. Sweet Lemons Clearly her kids are severly abused.

Funniest Folks on the Web


5. Mommy Knows What’s Best This is why our kids should wear shirts with their names on them at home.

Funniest Folks on the Web


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Things I never Thought I’d Pray For

Things I never Thought I’d Pray For

Being a mother really does change you. We all say we will be the same person after the baby arrives, maybe just a little more tired, HA, I say to that. What a load of bologna we spew. I am not even half of the […]

Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas

Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas

It’s Cinco de Mayo and for all of you non-Spanish speakers, it’s the fifth of May. A day celebrated in Mexico commemorating their army’s defeat over the French in the Battle of Puebla. For Americans, it’s an excuse to stuff our faces with delicious Mexican food […]

Mother’s Day Gifts from Lotus Butterfly

Mother’s Day Gifts from Lotus Butterfly

*This is a sponsored post and you can read my disclosure here about them and this may have some form of compensation.*

Celebrate your mother this Mother’s Day with one of these heartfelt, unique gifts that we have hand selected especially for moms! Choose from jewelry, garden decor, fashion accessories, candles, or body fragrances. Any of these will make a perfect gift
for Mother’s Day!

Artisan Lavender Gifts, Lotion $18/ Soap $8
Lotion Link: http://Get It Here

For the Mom who would appreciate some spa time! This lovely artisan made lavender soap and lotion are the perfect gift! With the calming lavender fragrance she will be transported to field of blooming lavender. The lavender used for these beautiful handmade products is harvested from the magnificent Sonoma Valley of Northern California and then harvested and dried by a husband and wife team and hand crafted into unique gift items from sachets to lotions by local artisans. Give your mom a day of relaxation with a beautiful gift of lavender!

2. Apple and Blue Clover Candle and Room Spray, Candle $18/ Spray $21
Candle Link:
Spray Link: http://Room Spray

These beautiful candles and room spray are perfection!! The soothing scent made with Apple and Blue Clover is my favorite from the collection and has an incredible calming effect. The aromatic Blue Clover from the Andean Mountains kissed with Apple & Magnolia on a bed of Oakmoss and Musk makes this scent so amazing! I am absolutely obsessed with the room/body spray.

3. Love Who You Are Accessories, Wallet $57 / luggage tag $11 / Pouch $30
Wallet Link:
Luggage Tag Link:
Pouch Link: Large Rose Pouch

Surprise your mom with a fabulous wallet, luggage tag or pouch! These cute accessories feature a woman’s face with the inspirational words, “Love who you are”.
Each item is lined with colorful patterns. The original artwork is made of a durable oil cloth material. The uniqueness and beauty of this collection is sure to wow any mom.

4. Solar Swizzle Stake, $42
Stake link: Mercury Solar Swizzle Stake

Add some style to mom’s garden with a beautiful piece of art! This solar swizzle stake adds a touch of color to any yard. The beautiful ornate metal and hand blown glass is a stunning piece during the day and then at night displays a soothing glow from the solar LED light inside of the glass finial.

5. Pearl Filigree Bracelet, $39
Bracelet Link:

This beautiful vintage inspired bracelet by Clara Beau is unique, classic and trendy. Pearls wrap around your wrist with a beautiful Swarovski crystal flower as the centerpiece. The bracelet makes a great addition to any mom’s jewelry collection. This one is another on my personal wish list!

6. Hippie Trinket Dishes, $14
Mom Dish Link:
Love You More Link:

Add some whimsy to mom’s day with a fun floral glass tray. These trays are pretty and functional! Mom can use them on her dresser for jewelry or for paperclips on her desk. Both tray styles are decorated with flowers and an inspirational message to remind mom that you love her!

7. Hummingbird Fountain, $37
Fountain Link:

With this stunning green ceramic verdigris table top fountain, mom can create a relaxing spot in her home or garden. Crafted from fine glazed porcelain, this darling fountain features a hummingbird getting nectar from a flower. With the curved spillway, mom can listen as the tranquil water overflows into the pot below.

7. Sassy Heart Collection, Travel Mug $19/ Pouch $13
Travel Mug Link:
Pouch Link:

Put a little bit of sassy in Mother’s Day with an adorable matching black and white striped coffee tumbler and make up pouch within a gold glitter heart and a pop of pink! Whether mom takes her coffee on the go or needs an adorable little pouch to keep her make up fresh, these will make the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Let mom know how much you care and appreciate her with a special and unique Mother’s Day gift! This list of suggestions are some of our favorites. Visit to see more unique, fun and heartfelt gifts!

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, grandmas, and moms-to-be!
I Love Mom: Lotus Butterfly Gifts
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