Month: March 2016

Regrow Produce From Scraps

Regrow Produce From Scraps

I love being able to walk out my back door and grab some fresh ingredients from my garden. Saves us money and it is healthier than anything we’d get from a grocery store. Unfortunately during the winter season, we can’t grow anything in the PNW. […]

DIY Plant Starters for Kids to Transplant

DIY Plant Starters for Kids to Transplant

One of the greatest ways to teach your kids responsibility and healthy ways is to have them grow a garden. While Audrey is only three, she already enjoys spending a little time every day in our garden. I think it’s really more that she enjoys […]

A Letter to my Daughter: Now You’re 3

A Letter to my Daughter: Now You’re 3

3 years ago the nurses woke me up from the less than an hour nap. They told me it was time to push. I had been waiting for those words, anxiously, for over two weeks at that moment. It was 9:22 am. They started setting up the machines and bringing things in. Our nurse had us doing practice pushes so when our Doctor arrived, we would be ready to meet. She arrived just before 10:00 am with a big grin on her face saying, “Let’s have a baby today and get you back home.” Oh boy was I ever ready for that.

Daddy stood on one side of me holding my leg and a sweet nursing student on the other. I made jokes with everyone and laughed, “I can’t believe I’m pushing out a baby. This is awesome, I’m amazing!” As I counted in my head with each push, I listened very closely to your heart rate monitor. I didn’t hear your daddy talking or the staff in the room. Just the numbers in my head and the rhythm of your heart.

I didn’t feel any pain. There was too much adrenaline and drugs running through my veins to know what was happening. An hour had gone by and I heard a voice say that I was too tired and my body was no longer pushing. Our doctor knew you could do it. She knew what a strong little girl you were. She helped you continue on your journey and 30 minutes later she held you up as you cried. I cried with you. Seeing you for the first time, hearing you, holding you, I didn’t want it to end. Daddy scooped you into his arms and you both just stared at each other. I’ve heard it a million times but never understood it until then; I never knew how much I loved your father until I saw how much he loved you.


Today you are now three. No longer an infant or even a toddler. You look and act more grown-up each day. Watching you learn and discover new things is a privilege and honor for me. It makes me proud when you want to dress like me and always feel the need to reapply your “lipstick” when we’re out and about. I love our morning coffee & cocoa dates at the dining room table while we plan our day of play.

Some days are rough on both of us and we take each other for granted. On those days I hope you remember how much I truly love you. This is still a learning thing for us. When we cuddle and have our talks, I just think about what the future holds for our family. Where will you go to school? What sport will you play? How many nights will I wait up late for you? Will you still let me kiss you goodnight?

In the mean time, I’m still going to happily rock you to sleep and leap out of bed when you cry out for me. I love you Audrey and I am blessed that God chose me to be your mother.


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Funniest Folks on the Web

Funniest Folks on the Web

They say laughter is the best medicine and with it being the end of flu season and many kids starting spring break, we could all use a dose. Or a shot. These folks have the cure. Juicebox Confession. This seems like my dream Friday night. […]

DIY Indoor Garden Starters For Kids

DIY Indoor Garden Starters For Kids

Spring has sprung, the birds are chirping, and the sun is shining here in Eastern Washington. Oh how I love Spring. The flowers everywhere are beautiful, even if they do wreak havoc on my allergies. We have been spending a lot of play time outside. […]

Funniest Folks On The Web

Funniest Folks On The Web

Congratulations on surviving a holiday that has become all about drinking, on a Thursday and still getting up today for work. That takes talent, or the motivation of a paycheck. I’d say go drink some hair of the dog but you’re at work and I’m not going to waste my irresponsible card on that. So the next best thing seems to be laughing. These folks had us in stitches this week.

  1. The Plagued Parent. Politics, schmolitics. Who needs to know that at 14?

The Plagued Parent


2. Mommy A to Z. Siri is the new generations Yoda.

Mommy A to Z

3. The Dusty Parachute. Black Sabbath said it best, “I need someone to show me the things in life that I can’t find.”

The Dusty Parachute

4. Jennifer Oradat, Writer and Editor. We have all been there and desperate for a Redbox code.

Jennifer Oradat, Writer and Editor


5. Sweet Lemons. DIY projects at their finest.

Sweet Lemons


6. The Mad Mommy. They are called smart phones for a reason.

The Mad Mommy


7. Kristen Lynn, The Unbalancing Act. Those threenagers are so demanding!

Kristen Lynn, The Unbalancing Act


8. Josi Denise, Writer. It always makes me nervous asking questions of what’s on my child.

Josi Denise, Writer


9. Jocelyn Jane Cox – The Home Tome. No shame in your parenting game.

Jocelyn Jane Cox - The Home Tome


10. Hardly Bored.

Hardly Bored


11. Babies, Bloodhounds and Booze, Oh My! And that time I told my kid to clean up.

Babies, Bloodhounds and Booze, Oh My!


I hope you laughed as hard as I did. Make sure you click on their name and like their page. A like can eventually somehow turn into a massive miracle of them making a penny off their writing.


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Another “I’m so skinny” Trend

Another “I’m so skinny” Trend

Marilyn Monroe is known as one of the most beautiful women to have ever lived. She was a size 8. There was a time when the bigger you were, the more desirable because it showed wealth and health. Man, I’d be driving men crazy if […]

When Supermom Crashes – Guest Post

When Supermom Crashes – Guest Post

Thank you to Stacey of 40 Wishes and Counting for guest posting on my site. She has been a huge support of me and always helping me out. You can find this post originally on her blog here. My Name is Stacey and I blog about […]

Funniest Folks On The Web

Funniest Folks On The Web

My house is germ infested. If it weren’t for the fact that I have the internet, my family may have not survived. Ok, so it’s not that bad. We’ve been able to be ourselves with the lack of breathing through our noses. Wednesday we all felt like we could stay in our pajamas all day. Oh wait, we did. Luckily we woke up yesterday feeling great. Did you know there is this magical thing called “Vitamin C” and it can help you fight a bug? Man, the things they come up with.

Since I am feeling back to my old self (after only a day of feeling semi-not, hard to make it dramatic when it wasn’t, that makes me a bad writer) I have some funny people I want you to read.

  1. 40 Wishes and Counting is channeling her inner blonde.
2. Foxy Wine Pocket and lets you pee alone.
3. Stage Too has a great voice.
4. The Dusty Parachute and I need to join Waffle Addicts.

5. Smashley Ashley knows why I refuse to pay for a gym membership and buy one of their $6 drinks.


6. Ripped Jeans & Bifocals. When Audrey is old enough my cooler won’t be full of Capri Sun.
7. The Misfits of a Mountain Mama. I can’t go that fast either.
8. Juicebox Confession. I’m usually the same way when I talk to the phone company.
9. Hardly Bored, whoa, mind blown.
Make sure to tell them how much you enjoy seeing them up here by liking their pages. Because without the support of total strangers they may start posting lame things about food and dry grass.
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DIY Bird Feeder Ornaments

DIY Bird Feeder Ornaments

  With the sunshine coming early this year, the chirps of birds have too. Which naturally means we needed to have a spring craft day. Audrey has been saying hi to every bird she sees outside lately so I thought she could make them a […]

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