10 Top Tips For Holidaying With Your Dog

You’ll be heartbroken if you leave them behind and the kennel fees will cost a fortune so you’ve decided to take your pooch on holiday with you. Holidaying with a dog is slightly different to the holidays that you are used to. So, here are some top tips to make sure it runs smoothly.

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  1. Put the dog’s needs first

Sadly, searching for accommodation requires more than looking for a ‘we allow dogs’ declaration on a website. Are there any restrictions on the breed, size, and number of dogs that you can take with you? Is the accommodation suitable for your dog’s needs in terms of size and access?


  1. Take a pre-holiday trip to the vet

Have a quick visit to the vet before you go to make sure that there are no brewing health problems and that all vaccinations are up to date.

  1. Plan what you will do

It is essential to have an itinerary when you are traveling with a dog. Some attractions are not dog-friendly and if you want to visit them you will need to organize a sitter. This needs to be arranged well in advance of your trip.

  1. Make a plan for emergencies

Research the area and find out where the nearest vets are. Record their emergency numbers on your mobile phone. Also, make a note of emergency dog sitters in the area in case you have to go into hospital.

  1. Pack essentials and treats for your dog

Make a list of all the essentials that you need for your dog. Food, bed/blanket chews, medication and poop bags as well as their leash and a spare collar. ID tags are essential in case your dog gets lost but it is best to have them ID chipped before you go. Take some TufToys with you so that your four-legged friend has plenty to occupy them in the accommodation whilst you relax.

  1. Polish off your puppy training

It is best to put off your holiday until your pup is trained to obey some basic commands. This is best for everyone’s safety and convenience. Book yourself into some puppy training classes if things are not going well with your own training.

  1. Car travel with your dog

How will your dog travel in your car? A crate is the safest method for all concerned but some dogs do not like them. Dog harnesses are another safe alternative but you must take care to position them away from airbags. You will need to take a break at least every two hours so that your dog can have a break, walk around, relieve themselves and have some water.

  1. Setting your dog into your accommodation

Your dog may be stressed when they first reach the accommodation as they will not understand what is happening as it will all be very unfamiliar to them. Take some time to let them settle in and do not leave them alone during this period. Once the dog is happy you can start enjoying your holiday!


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